В памет на моя баща проф. д-р. инж. Андрей Борисов Марков


30 years of quality and experience in the making of ventilation installations

Company founder and owner is Prof. Dr. Eng. Andrey Borissov Markov, who has a great experience, as a designer and scientific worker. He has worked mainly in the field of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning in residential, public and industrial buildings. He is the author of a number of scientific publications. A team, whose main leader and author is professor Markov, created the active design norms for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Company management

  • Eng. Andrey Borissov Markov, who is responsible for the consulting, investigating and design activities, the testing and the quality system improvement.

  • Eng. Boris Andreev Markov, who is responsible for the production, the economic and technological activities provision, the operative management and the application of the system for quality and participates in its improvement.


  • "CRAM" has at its disposal the needed equipment, standards and methods for laboratory tests of the manufactured equipment and for in-situ testing of them, as well.

  • The measurements and the processing of the results are done by highly skilled specialists with greater experience in experimental work. More than 85% of this work is automated - from the recording of the directly measured dimensions and their processing to the drawing of its charts.

  • For "CRAM" needs, in order to provide the needed quality of the manufactured equipment with moving components, a system was elaborated with equipment and software allowing static and dynamic balancing of a separate working wheel and of the whole unit, as well (working wheel together with the electric motor, ventilator, as a whole, or another set.)

email: cram_bm@abv.bg