Air Ducts welded


The Air ducts are designed for systems which are adapted for operations with increased strengt and lekage (class ІІ, class ІІI and class ІV in accordance with Practical standard for design a HVAC installations, annex № 19 and class B, class C and class D in accordance with EN 12237:2003 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Strength and leakage of circular sheet metal ducts.) , relatively high pressure and/or for transfer of solid particles.

  • Gradual expansion from rectangular to round ratio

  • Gradual expansion from round to round

  • Branch Take off under the angle a =15ё 900

  • Elbows segmented

The Dimensions of the transverse is according to client requirements.
The air ducts are made from sheet iron with gauge up to 2 mm according to the tupe of the transferred suspended solid particles.


The different configurations and sizes of air ducts could be ordered by submission of : detailed specification with geometric characteristics..