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CRAM manufactures, sells and mounts a widely range fans and components designed for air-conditioning and ventilationing systems in residential, communals, industrial etc. buildings:


The product list include:

  • Centrifugal fans range VB A.1 (5 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VB A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VCD A.1 (7 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VCD A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Duct fans range KVB A.1 (5 sizes);
  • Duct fans range KVB A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Double inlet fans range Ds (5 sizes);
  • Compact vetilation sections range C Ds (1 size);
  • Sound attenuators range AV.1 (7/9 sizes/versions);
  • Air fiters range FV (7 sizes);
  • Electric air-heaters range NV-e (4 sizes, with installed power up to 50 KW);
  • External air grilles range RNV (51 sizes);
  • Relief air grilles range KLE (42 sizes);
  • Kitchen air units range KV-O (3/9 sizes/versions);
  • Cyclonic separators (4 versions);
  • Air ducts;
  • Proportional control foe electric air heaters;


The moving parts of each manufactured (set - blower with the electric motor), are statically and dynamically balanced.


The firm has at its disposal competent and trained personnel, experience, up-to-date methods and the needed appliances for test performance and determine the working, functional and exploiting parameters of the manufactured equipment.


The manufactured equipment (filters, sound attenuators, air heaters etc.) that are offered togeder with KVB range fansare of module type and they allow easy creation of a unit for delivery/exhaust air systems with air flow up to 7000 nc/h, providing the needed treatment of air flows.


For installation that need greater flow, are offered composed of module sections intended to operate in ventilation and air-conditioning installations with flow up to 11000 mc/h, providing the needed treatment of the air.

To the above illustration is showed a composite system with:

  • MSAd (sound attenuator with run-out section);
  • MSV (fan section);
  • MSN; (heating section)
  • MSF (filters section);
  • MSI.s (mixing section);


Software for automatical sizing the air duct system and choice the adequate equipment

CRAM give at your disposal, a free download the specially software CramDuct for automatical design of ventilation systems.


CramDuct , You give the possibility of doing automatical the following work:

  • To sizing the main branch of Your air duct system. The ducts (all or each sector) be able to be wished material or shape (round or rectangular). The compute is accomplish for indicated temperature and atmospheric pressure. For the most fittings, the prpgramme permite to calculate and add the adequate friction losses;
  • To choice the computing method. You are the possibility to size with choice a standardized shapes and wished maximal air velocity for the main branch or free choced shapes;
  • For the sized air duct system, You can follow the sound attenuation to each divided-flow fitting;
  • If You know the friction losses of Your air duct system or after its sizing, You can choice the adequates fan, equipment and components. A final result is a order with quantity and cost.




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