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CRAM manufactures, sells and mounts a widely range fans and components designed for air-conditioning and ventilationing systems in residential, communals, industrial etc. buildings:


The product list include:

  • Centrifugal fans range VB A.1 (5 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VB A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VCD A.1 (7 sizes);
  • Centrifugal fans range VCD A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Duct fans range KVB A.1 (5 sizes);
  • Duct fans range KVB A.3 (4 sizes);
  • Cyclonic separators (4 versions);
  • Air diffusers;
  • Air ducts;
  • Proportional control foe electric air heaters;


The moving parts of each manufactured (set - blower with the electric motor), are statically and dynamically balanced.


The firm has at its disposal competent and trained personnel, experience, up-to-date methods and the needed appliances for test performance and determine the working, functional and exploiting parameters of the manufactured equipment.





  Vladaiska str. № 55.    ·   Sofia 1606, Bulgaria
E-Mail: cram_bm@cramventilations.com